Friday, April 20, 2012

Tempeh with Cherry Balsalmic Reduction Sauce

Whoa, blogger has a new interface I guess... Photobucket So, this was a fancy one. I checked out Color Me Vegan from the library. I love it! It has been a long time that a cookbook has interested me like this. One of the recipes that spoke to me was this one. When we would eat meat at hope, those chicken dishes were always so easy: saute a little chicken, make a little sauce, serve with a veggie and rice...dinner is served! This is kind of like that, but uses tempeh instead of chicken. First thing, the recipe states to steam the tempeh. Well, I had some time so I went ahead and did it. I guess it made a difference. The author says it gets rid of some of the bitterness of tempeh. I guess it did. She also recommends freezing tofu so take it with a grain of salt. Once the steaming was done, the meal came together quickly. It was pretty good. I could see making it again if I still have the book! Photobucket

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quinoa, Avocado and Sweet PotatoTimbale

I have been hanging onto this recipe for a while. The picture made it look so yummy and I had been eager to try it. Honestly I was a little intimidated because I thought it looked really labor intensive. It really wasn't as difficult as it appeared. Nick and I each had two timbale and we felt satisfied. As in hara hachi bu (the Japanese philosophy of eating until you are 80% full).  These were good and really I don't have any serious complaints, but the recipe didn't send me over the moon. I'm not sure I'd make this again, but I still liked it.

In the event you'd like to try it, I do have a couple of notes:

1) This recipe has 4 basic parts. Each part can be done in advance, then assembled when its time to eat.

2) I would use the full jalapeno instead of half to prepare the Quinoa.

3) I roasted the tomatillas along with the sweet potatoes - just got it done faster and everything was fine.

4) I didn't have avocado when I made this (I forgot to pick one up), but I think it would be really scrumptious had I used it.

5) No need to use a mold to create the nice neat little stack. You could very well just pile it on the plate - it all will fall apart once you dig in anyhow. But on the other hand, the presentation is nice when you go the extra mile. I have to admit I actually felt a little special when I made it look really pretty - like I was eating something that would be served in a fancy restaurant. I used a large biscuit cutter as a mold.

This recipe is from a new chef I hadn't used before Tal Ronnen. His cookbook is called The Conscious Cook: Delicious Meatless Recipes to Change the way you eat. Find the recipe here.

Polenta with Tomato-Braised Beans

We liked this. I wouldn't say its in my top 10 of most used or favorite recipes, but it can be easy to prepare if you use prepared polenta from the produce section instead of dry polenta. Using the dried polenta can be high maintenance if you ask me - you just have to keep an eye on it, stirring alot and it can still get lumpy.  Polenta, if you don't know is a fancy term cornmeal.  You don't need to buy the pricier package that says Polenta on the label - I just use plain old House Autry Cornmeal.  You can however use prepared polenta you get from the produce section of the store - fry it or mash it and serve the beans over the top, and this meal will be just as good.

But its another way to get white beans into your diet - they have lots of calcium.

Try it here.

Heirloom Tomato Salad With Fresh Lady Peas

Here's one to use up all those tomatoes you'll get from Stanley this summer. This is one that we liked, but its more of a salad or appetizer than a main course. The store didn't have fresh peas so I used green beans instead and it was still good. The lemon basil dressing that goes with it was easy to make, but a little too lemony for my taste. I'd pare it down next time. But it was still really good.

Lucky Black Eyed Pea Salad

This is another fave in our house. Its very easy to prepare and keeps pretty well as a leftover. Just don't add the peaches and watercress until you are ready to serve it.

Find the recipe here.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Indian Sheppard's Pie

This is another one from Peas and Thank You.

It is presented as a way to use up holiday leftovers, and I have to say, I can see doing it. I had my eye on this one for St. Patrick's Day, but can't remember why I didn't make it. However, I did keep thinking of it. When I had some leftover quiona, I knew what I was going to make!


It is pretty impressive, and if you have the quiona or potatoes leftover, it only makes it easier.


The only think I would have done different is chop the spinach before cooking. This was really good!